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What is Ready Tutorials ? 

Ready tutorials are previously done papers, presentations, lab or final exam solutions. In most cases, such documents were used before by other students and thereforem they are used as a sample solution to help you with your assignment.

How to find & purchase a ready tutorial  ?

Finding & Purchasing the tutorial you need is very simple. Just look at the right sidebar to find the class you currently taking. When you find the tutorial you need under your current class, just click add to cart then checkout. Once your purchase is complete you will receive an email for an instant download.

Note: If you can’t find the tutorial you need, just click on request a tutorial from the top menu, then fill the info the form. We will add the tutorial you need in 24 hours for you.

What’s the refund policy for ready purchased tutorials : 

All sold documents on Essaysplanet is for tutoring purposes only. therefore, they do not guarantee any grade, and once purchased, they can not be refunded. Students must pay attention to the description of the product before purchase to make sure it matches the assignment the seek. If you encounter any problem, contact us immediately with your purchase info to help us assists you.

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